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tv   Special Report With Bret Baier  FOX News  August 8, 2017 1:00am-2:00am PDT

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make assessmentes. >> does it use obamacare? >> it is good stuff. >> they get it done. >> we hav ♪ >> bret: this is a fox news alert. no amount of federal taxpayer dollars will help a city that refuses to help its own residents. that from the attorney general in a statement released just moments ago. jeff sessions firing back at the city of chicago over a lawsuit the city filed concerning its sanctuary city policy. the department of justice statement just out sessions saying this administration will not simply give away grant dollars to city governments that proudly violate the rule of law and protect criminal aliens at the expense of public safety. so it's this simple, comply with the law or forego taxpayer dollars. the trump administration's policy on sanctuary cities is stirring resistance from
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san francisco to boston. but the windy city's filing is getting the attorney general's focus tonight. as he references chicago's unprecedented crime surge and murder rate. sessions adds, quote: the city's leaders cannot follow some laws and ignore others and reasonably expect this horrific situation to improve. correspondent islamic has our top story. >> chicago mayor rahm emanuel said it's illegal for the federal government to withhold public safety grants from sanctuary cities like his where local police refuse to cooperate with immigration agents. >> chicago will not let our police officers become political pawns. >> the chicago lawsuit follows similar legal action in massachusetts, washington, oregon, and california where cities say they are being harmed by the threat of losing funds because they can't plan their budget. chicago says it stands to lose $3.2 million by the potential federal action. in san francisco, it's
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closer to hundreds of thousands of dollars. money that's attached to a promise to cooperate with federal immigration authorities, which sanctuary cities refuse to do. in fact, san francisco is reaffirming its sanctuary policy by paying this illegal immigrant $190,000. >> [speaking foreign language] >> why was i victimized. why did i become addicted to all this. >> 43-year-old salvador ran who has been living in san francisco for 10 years sued after police turned him over to immigration agents violating its own sanctuary city policy. >> we do work with the federal government, agencies on criminal activity, gang activity. human trafficking and that type of thing. if that evolves into an immigration type of enforcement, our policy is clear. we stop it right there. notifications have to be made and we are not in the business of doing enimmigration enforcement. >> while city leaders have publicly apologized, the head of san francisco's
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republican party says the six figure settlement is ridiculous. >> i think it's a shameful waste of taxpayer dollars. here you have someone being offered a settlement that no jury would have awarded him. >> critics worry the threat of more lawsuits and big payouts will put an extra burden on law enforcement. and disagree with city leaders who contend sanctuary policies help police fight crime. one reason sanctuary cities are doubling down now, the federal grants at stake here are set to expire in october. and before they reapply for those millions, they want the courts and public opinion on their side. bret? >> bret: claudia, thank you. much more on this with the panel. while president trump spends the next two weeks away from the white house, his number 2 is vigorously denying reports that he is already plotting to be the next occupant sooner than expected. that comes as the trump administration deals with more threats from north korea landing an impressive diplomatic win at the united
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nations while continuing efforts to dig out of a diplomatic hole with russia. but we begin with another major tweet storm from a president who often let's his fingers do the talking in 140 characters or less. correspondent kevin corke is with us more. thankevin. >> i like that one. the president getting personal in tweet storm back and forth with dick blumenthal saying he should take a long vacation in vietnam so at least he could say he could be there. clearly this is up not next level. if you thought the president, you know, use his time away from washington to take a break from twitter, well, you thought wrong. mr. trump up and at it again early this morning. this time using his working vacation to work in a few shots on connecticut senator richard blumenthal. >> the twitter takedown came after senator richard blumenthal of connecticut while talking about alleged russian collusion accused the trump administration politically weaponizing the justice department. he told stories about his vietnam battles and conquests. how brave he was and it was all a lie. now he judges collusion?
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blumenthal, who has apologized for lying about his service record fired back at the president's comments. >> they are slurs and i'm not going to be distracted or bullied by them and they simply reinforce the need, in my view, for special counsel legislation. >> once "fox news sunday" thom tillis defended his bill that would let any special counsel challenge their firing in court. >> is some of this directed at president trump? >> well, there is no question that it is. because of clearly the day that we made the bill retroactive to. this is about the department of justice. >> the president also blasted the media on twitter today. this time for citing new quinnipiac polling that showed his approval ratings at just 33%. the trump base he tweeted is far bigger and stronger than ever before despite some phony fake news polling. indeed, since his inauguration, the president
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has crisscrossed the country, energizing and arguably reassuring his base by the thousands, including stops in key battleground states like iowa, florida, ohio, and pennsylvania. those rallies, trump aides say, are a far better barometer of the electorate than unfairly weighted polls. the latest fox news survey found the president's support among his base is very high with 88 % of trump voters from 2016 approving of his job performance. a performance presumably enhanced by his new chief of staff, general john kelly. who has express add desire to push the president's use of social media, twitter in particular, in the right direction. no small task say experts. >> i actually think the president is a lot smarter on this than the smart people. he knows when he tweets whose chain is he trying to pull or buck up. >> this as the white house forces back on "new york times" story that accused vice president mike pence of leading a shadow campaign
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for 2020. >> it's absurd and really what you have got here is speculation, conjecture, half truth. masquerading as news on the front page of the never trump "new york times." >> the vice president calling that report, by the way, disgraceful and offensive. also tonight we have learned that iowa senator chuck grassley is ramping up the judiciary committee's look at the russia investigation. in fact, going so far as to possibly threaten to subpoena donald trump jr. and paul manafort to get documents and information needed to move forward with that process. bret, we will keep an eye on it for you. >> bret: okay, kevin. thank you. the u.s. and u.n. are tightening the economic vice on north korea and kim jong un is threatening a major response. that in and of itself is raising eyebrows. correspondent rich edson reports from the state department on a war of words that, tonight, seems to be getting closer to a war. >> this resolution is the single largest economic sanctions package ever leveled against the north
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korean regime. >> unanimous condemnation from the u.n. security council, unwavering defiance from north korea. >> there is no bigger mistake than the united states believing that its land is safe across the ocean. >> north korea is promising, quote, thousand fold revenge across the united states as its allies and even allies voted 15-0 on the united nations security council to impose strict new sanctions on north korean coal exports and guest workers. >> i think the strong u.n. security council resolution unanimously approved working in coordination with russia and china both to put out a statement from the security council that i think is quite clear in terms of there being no daylight among the international community. >> analysts say the measures could affect a third of north korea's estimated $3 billion of annual exports. the trump administration has pursued what it calls a pressure campaign against north korea.
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isolated economically and diplomatically to force it so surrender nuclear weapons and ballistic missile programs. the result? north korea has tested two intercontinental ballistic missiles since the fourth of july. administration officials say china is the key to their pressure campaign. it's responsible for 90% of north korea's trade. >> china and russia voted in favor of the sanctions to send a message to pyongyang. but whether these sanctions will have teeth or not will depend upon russian and chinese enforcement. >> secretary of state rex tillerson at a regional summit in the fill feigns said the u.s. would negotiate with north korea if it halted its aggressive behavior. >> the best signal that north korea could give us that they're prepared to talk would be to stop these missile launches. you know, we have not had an extended period of time where they have not taken some type of provocative action. >> secretary tillerson now travels to thailand where he
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continues the u.s. pressure campaign against north korea. this, as fox news has learned, that u.s. spy agencies have detected north korea loading antiship missiles on to a patrol boat off the country's east coast. the first time it has brought those weapons on to that platform since 2014. bret? >> bret: rich edson live at the state department. rich, thank you. u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley will have plenty to say about the north korea situation and other issues. she will be the guest on "the story" tonight at 6:00, 7:00 p.m. eastern tonight with dana perino. america's top spies and much of the rest of the world have long concluded that russia sought to interfere in last year's presidential election. president trump hasn't always been so ready to agree. now, as chief washington correspondent james rosen reports, the president and his top diplomat are changing their tune. >> meeting with russia's foreign minister on the sidelines in manila secretary of state rex
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tillerson said he spent much of the time family sizing the gravity of russia's meddling in last year's presidential election. >> how seriously did it damage the relationship between the u.s. and the american people and russian people if this has created a serious mistrust between our two countries. >> tiller's comments are the latest signaling that the trump administration no longer questions russia's complicity. throughout his transition and early months in office, the president danced around it like muhammed ali. >> i think it was russia. but i think we also get handle by other countries and other people. >> by june 23rd, he appeared to concede the point in a tweet that referenced election meddling by russia. but two weeks later he seemed unsure again. >> you guess you would think it's russia. your intelligence agencies have been far more definitive. they say it was russia. >> i agree. i think it was russia, but i think it was probably other people and/or countries. >> most important, when president trump signed sanctions on russia and other countries into law
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last week, he used a signing statement to challenge the constitutionality of several passages. but he left unmentioned the finding embedded in section 211 part 6 which enshrined into law the conclusion of the u.s. intelligence agencies that russian president vladimir putin ordered an influence campaign in 2016 aimed at the united states presidential election. >> what the united states has done, since 1945, from a defense and national security perspective is prevent great power conflict for really an unprecedented period of time. >> in comments to msnbc, the white house national security advisor said his mandate from his boss is to counter russia's, quote, destabilizing, behavior here in europe and elsewhere while still seeking avenues for collaboration such as the fragile cease-fire in southwest syria that can potentially improve washington's relationship with the kremlin. >> it's at its bottom; right? but there are still areas where interests overlap and to look for areas of cooperation. >> to one development
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reflecting this new low in relations, moscow's announcement in response to the sanctions law that it is expelling hundreds of u.s. diplomats, tillerson said the united states plans to have its response ready by september 1st. which is more than a month after the expulsions were announced, bret. >> bret: james, we often deal with speculation in the beltway but the beltway has been buzzing with speculation that general mcmaster, national security advisor may be pushed out or may leave the national security counsel. what's the latest there. >> bret, of course, this is not the first time this kind of speculation has focused on general mcmaster. he did take advantage of the change in white house chief of staff to send three nsc staffers packing. that prompted a backlash among conservative news outlets and pundits including sean hannity and laura ingraham who challenged the general's usefulness even loyalty. he is interested in obtaining a fourth star possibly through another tour of duty through afghanistan. in a statement late friday
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president trump said and i quote general mcmaster and i have working very well together. he is a good man and very pro-israel. i am grateful for the work he continues to do serving our country. now, sources told me that mcmaster's own disapproval with the way things were being run was alleviated by general kelly as chief of staff. bret. >> bret: okay, james. thank you. we will follow that authorities in venezuela are looking for antigovernment fighters who attacked an army base over the weekend in an effort to ignite action against president nuclear madiero. the violence has only increased as the administration tries to cut down the opposition. correspondent phil keating has our story. >> the venezuelan so-called rebellion ended in a matter of minutes with two rebels dead. seven arrested. 10 others on the run and government opponents hoping this could be the first fray in the military's unflinching loyalty. [speaking foreign language] were led by the long captain
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releasing the -- nicholas, a group of 20 rebels launched an attack on a major military base in venezuela. that triggered a short gun battle with troops stationed there. president nicholas madero who the trump administration calls a dictator says his glorious 41st brigade crushed the group which he called terrorists and mercenaries. the small group of rebels were not active military but a few civilians and few districdeserters. the man hunt is on for the 10 who escaped and suffer the maximum punishment allowed. ♪ speaking foreign language] >> on state television he said the rebels wanted to ignite a civil war. he claimed the u.s. and colombia backed the attack saying, quote, you shouldable ashamed of yourselves there at the state department. every country is autonomous and it is a domestic affair. over the weekend the country's new national constituent assembly which has no check on its power flexed its socialist muscles firing venezuela's top
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prosecutor. that led the european union's foreign minister to comment saying ortega's removal has increased the polarization of an already divided society. more than 100 government protesters have died in recent months at daily clashes in the streets. and over the weekend the two opposition leaders who were snatched from their homes and arrested last week were allowed to go back home where they are now under house arrest. bret? >> bret: phil, thank you. the marine corps has declared that the three marines missing from that crashed aircraft off the australian coast are dead. their mv 22 as spray went down while trying to land on navy ship. 23 personnel on board were rescued. australians defense minister says the wreckage was found today. when we return, it's been 200 days for president trump and for the new congress. we will get a report card and analysis from chalk after a shor
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♪ ♪ >> bret: a look at the markets today. the dow gained 26 for its ninth straight record close. ninth. the s&p 500 was up 4. the nasdaq finished ahead 32 today. congress is on vacation this week. republicans who have majorities, of course, in both the house and the senate had thought they would enter the august recess with a lot to brag about back home. correspondent peter doocy tells us tonight it has not turned out that way. >> soon after republicans got control of the house, senate, and the white house, leaders laid out a 200 day plan. >> we have ambitious goals and ambitious time lines. at the top of the list repealing and replacing obamacare. then reforming the tax code. >> our goal is to get these laws done in 2017.
1:21 am
we aspire to get most of these big things done by the august recess because that's when august does most of its legislating. >> in whebs of congress left town for recess they left obamacare in place as the law of the land and they left the tax code untouched. and if taxes aren't tackled soon, experts forecast trouble. >> businesses are in a holding pattern. they are waiting to invest. they are waiting to add additional jobs. and in the longer a tax reform is delayed, the less businesses are going to -- are going to be able to continue to wait. >> democratic leader nancy pelosi today stated, quote, despite having full control of the legislative process, the republican congress has not lifted a finger to raise wages, create good paying jobs, invest in our crumbling infrastructure or avert a catastrophic default on the full, faith, and credit of the united states. instead, wasting months trying to tear away families' health coverage. but senator orrin hatch first elected in 1976, says democrats are holding things up in a way he hasn't seen
1:22 am
in four decades. >> about the only thing we have been able to do is get some appointments through. and even then it's slower than ever before. >> now president trump's allies are pointing out that nobody in d.c. has been very helpful implementing his agenda. not even the g.o.p. >> he has a false hoax story. this whole russia collusion stuff he is fighting. democrats obstructionists and republicans candidly weren't ready for the president to take over on day one. >> a top house republican pointed out to me today the house has passed a repeal and replace measure, a bill to rebuild the military, and an illegal immigration crack down called kate's law among others. it's the senate where these important measures are getting stuck. bret? >> bret: peter, thank you. let's talk more about this with syndicated columnist charles krauthammer. all right, charles, 200 days. put up a full screen of president trump. understanding what we heard about congress. illegal border crossing fell
1:23 am
64% in may. arrests down 53%. 860 regulations rescinded or delayed. order to move oil and gas, national guard, drilling gas, -- natural gas. legislation signed to make it easier to fire people at veterans affairs. that was the big piece of legislation. appointed, of course, supreme court justice neil gorsuch, and 354, 577 key positions needing senate approval. have no nominee. 132 have been confirmed that on the negative side. thoughts of 200 days of president trump? >> well, i think the major achievement, of course, is neil gorsuch which will influence the court for generations. it was quite a bit of deregulation, the congressional review act which allowed rescinding of 14 regulations that had been approved at the end of the obama administration. guess who vetoed that last
1:24 am
regulation was john mccain. he has been feeling ornery all year. these are all achievements. they are undeniable. they are mostly presidential achievements. the fact is that the congress has been a complete bust. and that i think is a huge disappointment. here they are, they have been saying for seven years give us control, give us the signature in the white house. we will do great things. and on the great things they did nothing. the obamacare repeal was an epic fail. they had seven years to work it out. and for some of the senators it was a matter of bad faith. when they had a vote to repeal, knowing that obama wouldn't sign, they voted to repeal. when they had the same vote to repeal, knowing that president trump would sign, they voted the other way. that, i think, is going to be a big mill stone around the neck of the congress for a very long time. >> bret: i want to put up
1:25 am
two graphics. one is the dow. we just talked about today's dow industrial average. you see the record highs. we have hit nine of them in recent weeks. and then the president's job approval, according to real clear politics. and the split between the red and the green. the green being his approval and the red being his disapproval. is it possible that we're missing that the polls aren't telling the true story in the president tells the story that these campaign style events are packed. he hears from trump supporters all the time. like the election, is there a disconnect that the polls are not showing. >> the polls aren't god as we learned in 2016. the fact that there is that great enthusiasm, whenever the president goes out and campaigns, essentially, these rallies. i think speaks to a lot of things. i don't think he has won over independents and democrats. i don't think he has lost a lot of his base. i think it's mostly quite steady. it's not surprising that the market would go up and the
1:26 am
poll numbers would remain flat. the market only effects, you know, relatively small number of people. and, remember, the market response is anticipating what hasn't happened. everybody is assumed we would be on tax reform now. we are so far behind on tax reform. and also incidentally on infrastructure that we may not get tax reform at all. the best we might get is tax cut. because everybody agrees on tax cuts. and that could blow a hole in the budget. so i think -- rocky days ahead. >> bret: all right, charles. thank you. up next, trying to get state governments to cooperate with the president's voter fraud commission. that story. but, first, here is our fox coverage around the country tonight. fox 4 in kansas city as the manhunt is on for a motorist accused of killing a police officer in clinton, missouri last night. officer gary michael was conducting a traffic stop when he was fatally shot. state police are looking for
1:27 am
39-year-old ian mccarthy of clinton. they found his car early this morning but he had escaped on foot. fox 5 in new york as bill de blasio proposes taxing the wealthest 1% to fund repairs for the city's beleaguered subway system. andrew cuomo continue to squabble over who is responsible for fixing the nation's largest transit operation. de blasio's new tax would affect about 32,000 new yorkers and could bring in around $800 million a year. and this is a live look at tampa from fox 13. the big story there tonight, engineers evaluating more residents in the landolakes neighborhood being swallowed by a giant sinkhole there. two more homes were deemed unsafe yesterday, bringing the total to 7 in that area. authorities are now trying to decide how much to spend on this disaster. the price tag stands at about $700,000. that's tonight's live look outside the beltway from "special report." we'll be right back.
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♪ >> bret: democratic party desperate to pick up seats in congress may be thinking of changing what has become a staple of democrat politics in recent months. a hard line on the issue of abortion. correspondent doug mckel way reports tonight on the possibility of party support for pro-life democrats. >> i'm a teacher and a farmer and i know firsthand the struggles that so many of our working people face. >> paul spencer has many of the attributes democrats are looking for in their hopes to win back the house. he has long ties to his arkansas district and decries big money and politics. but there is one red flag. spencer is pro-life. >> the platform of the democratic party is a pro-choice platform. >> last week democratic congressional committee chairman ben lieu hand tried to change that long standing pro-choice policy telling the hill, quote there is a not a litmus test for
1:32 am
democratic candidates. democrats fired back. 14 groups from the national abortion league to move on political action, emily's list and the daily kos issued a statement of principles which read in part quote policies which limit access to abortion and force unmedically necessary procedures are oppressive to women. >> they have ideological purity at the top where you can't oppose any abortion at any time along the continuum and at the same time a third of democrats, self-identify as pro-life. >> their strategy has failed the party. i have been hearing it my whole time as a democrat basically being told i don't belong in the democratic party. you know, you can't be a democrat if you are pro-life. >> house candidate paul spencer is circumventing this divide in his own way. >> so i have already informed the democratic party here in little rock that i don't want to receive any of their money. i welcome their support and their advice but i just don't wish for their money.
1:33 am
and dccc in washington i have already had that discussion with them as well. >> the democratic party is trying to straddle a fine line with party elders often divided. >> you can't let hot button issues that work great in particular congressional districts one way or the other to be the guiding light for a national party. >> it is up to a woman to have her own right to choose the size and timing of her family. >> and that rift wydens after the call to welcome pro-life democrats into the democratic fold. actress and democratic activist rosie o'donnell tweeted, quote,women should form their own party if dems do this. bret? >> bret: doug, thank you. some movement tonight on the president's voter fraud commission and its efforts to get voter information from reluctant state governments. correspondent david lee miller tells us where we stand right now. >> a small victory for president trump's commission on election integrity. after a compromise was reached in a new hampshire court today, requiring the state to release limited
1:34 am
voter data. as part of its investigation into voter fraud, the commission has requested all states to provide a long list of data for registered voters. so far, california, kentucky, minnesota, new mexico and sout south carolina have refused to cooperate. 26 other states are charging fees for the data or have offered limited cooperation. arkansas, colorado, florida, ohio, and washington have already complied. commission critics are worried that conclusions reached could be used to suppress votes. >> i think there are some members of the commission who are interested in taking incomplete data, running it through a bunch of meth logically unsound practices that are not verifiable and can't trust and using those to justify laws and policies that will make it harder for americans to vote. >> california, one the states refusing to cooperate with the investigation is under scrutiny following a report by conservative
1:35 am
watchdog group judicial watch that says 11 california counties had more registered voters than voting age citizens. commission vice chair republican chris cobach says voter fraud is a problem bigger than most people realize. >> if we look at convictions we know since the year 2000 there have been 938 convictions for voter fraud. that's just the tip of the ice beg. >> at least seven groups including the aclu, common cause and naacp have gone to court to challenge the right of the president's advisory commission to collect election data. no matter how the courts decide, the commission has no legal authority to compel states to take part in the study. the commission's report on election fraud is expected to be released in a about a year. bret? >> bret: david lee, thank you. we are sad to report a death in the fox family tonight. long time senior vice president and creative director richard o'brien died over the weekend after complications following a car accident.
1:36 am
o'brien, who left the network recently, was one of the first employees here. rich played a key role in designing the look the fox news from early days until present and the graphic and set design for this show. rich o'brien was 60 years old. he is survived by his wife karen, a son, and a daughter. our condolences to the o'brien family.
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learn about you and the people and places that led to you. go explore your roots. take a walk through the past. meet new relatives and see how a place and its people are all a part of you. ancestrydna. save 30% through august 15th at ♪ ♪ >> we are cracking down strongly on sanctuary cities that shield criminal aliens. >> the city of chicago may be the first to bring a lawsuit, but i'm also confident we will not be the last because other cities know that these are false choices that the justice -- the trump justice department is asking us to make. >> my definition of a sanctuary city is a city that does not cooperate with federal law enforcement authorities. it is a responsibility of
1:40 am
every city and every citizen to cooperate with law enforcement. and that's what we are demanding. >> bret: chicago mayor rahm emanuel saying it is illegal for the federal government to hold back public safety grants because chicago is a sanctuary city. they filed a lawsuit today and just before this show started the attorney general fired back in a statement in part saying no amount of federal taxpayer dollars will help a city that refuses to help its own residents. the political leadership of chicago has chosen to deliberately and intentionally develop a policy that obstructs legal system. violent crime surge in chicago with the number of murders in 2016 surpassing both new york and los angeles combined. this administration will not simply give away grant dollars to city governments that proudly violate the rule of law and protect criminal ail yeans at the expense of public safety. so it's this simple, comply with the law or forego
1:41 am
taxpayer dollars. sanctuary city policy affecting not just chicago but many cities. let's bring in our panel jonah goldberg senior editor at the national review. mollie hemingway federalist and a.b. stoddard associate editor at real clear politics. >> federal law could not be more clear. state and local governments do not have the right to deviate from federal law when it comes to immigration policy. they have to share information. and unlike so many things where the federal government is kind of overbroad and overreaching, immigration is one of those things that is specifically stipulated in the constitution as something that is handled by our federal government. so, this is something that will be a tough case to -- for chicago to make. >> bret: the mayor, some of the people who stood beside him in this press conference over the weekend, said it's just not right. take a listen. >> the bern grants are for technology from everything for vehicles to radios, to tasers that help strengthen the professionalization of
1:42 am
our police department and create a proactive environment. but they also help build trust. we will not compromise the rights, safety, our break the sacred trust of the people that live in and visit chicago in order to obtain those resources. >> bret: bern grants deal with money for various elements of cities' defense and you have these conditions now, joanna, no restrictions on federal locals sharing of immigration status information. give ice unlimited access to local police stations and law enforcement facilities to interrogate arrestees about their immigration status and require cities to provide ice with at least 48 hours in the prior to arrestee's release. that is really where the rubber meets the road on this lawsuit. >> yeah. i think this kind of needs to be unpacked a little bit. i generally think that sanctuary cities is just a terrible idea. at the same time i understand why local like
1:43 am
first responders and police and whatnot do worry about getting cooperation out of these communities and i think you can respect that reasonable concern without saying that cities get to throughout federal law. there is also an enormous amount of signaling going on by rahm emanuel. $3 million out of a police budget that's over $1.2 billion is a rounding error. for the most part. this has a lot more to do with big coalition democratic politics, with immigration politics and the rest than with new found lo and respect for federalism by people who think every other aspect of our lives should be left up to the central government in washington. >> bret: understanding chicago and illinois broadly democrat territory. but, a.b., for people sitting in chicago listening to the mayor talk that way, and dealing with the murder rate and the number of murders skyrocketing, how do you think that plays politically? >> well, i think this is a really stupid hill to die on
1:44 am
politically for democrats. if there is a case to be made that sanctuary cities -- that they need to throughouflowtfluot community lw injurious to community policing and cannot keep their communities safe without doing that they have to go on education campaign across this country with a bunch of police forces and really change the way that people see this as a majority i don't think liberals think that sanctuary cities are the top of their priority list. i think they are looking for a message from this party on the economy. and i just -- he made a perfect case for why they need that grant money. he needs that grant money. he can comply with federal law. it just is absolutely ridiculous politics for democrats. they can disagree with the president trump on his new push to limit legal immigration. they can be for immigration reform. but, pushing this as a means
1:45 am
to keep their communities safe, especially in a place like chicago, it just doesn't square. >> bret: there are a number of cities molly repealing sanctuary status now across the country it, runs the gamut, a number of different kinds of cities, different demographics as you see there on the map. here is the head of ice talking about sanctuary cities and what makes it tough for them. >> if you are a alien smuggler and smuggling people in this country for a living, that's one sales pitch. we can get you to a sanctuary city where that city will help shield from you immigration. rather than arresting a violent criminal in the safety, security and privacy of a county jail, we got to go knock on door. we have to go arrest them in the community. community is put at risk. our officers are put at risk. >> bret: now, the local guys say, they frighten the immigrants and they don't make telephone calls. and it is a cycle in those communities. that's how they push back. >> there are all sorts of concerns that you should have and why we need a coherent immigration policy.
1:46 am
it actually is a human rights problem when people are luring people, promising them if they can just make it to a sanctuary city they will be okay. we have had in recent weeks untold all those deaths that we saw in that horrible situation in the truck in texas. and so everybody, democrat and republican need to recover a much better conversation for talking about these things. there is a reason why we have rule of law and not rule of men. and we can debate whether we want to have stricter or more lax immigration policy but we need to be on the same page and understand that having borders and having laws is something that serves the entire community. >> bret: we're not lawyers here, but is there standing here for chicago and do you think this make makes it all the way up to the supreme court? >> i think it goes to the supreme court. i talked to a couple lawyer-types today. and the law is so murky on all of, this the supreme court has never established like a test for how you can judge when the federal government can condition funding. so we play this game a lot with the 55 mile-per-hour speed limit and drunk
1:47 am
driving with highway funds and that was allowed. but the medicaid expansion, first tranche of obamacare was not allowed by the supreme court by 7-2. i think one of these cities is going to get some liberal judge who wants to do this sort of preening thing about i'm on the side of the immigrants like we have seen with the muslim ban stuff and eventually it's going to go to the supreme court. personally, i mean, i'm with molly, look, everyone has to obey the federal law. but i generally don't like in our federal radio public the federal government trying to push around cities to do things that they want making taxpayer dollars contingent on it. >> bret: we should point out that "special report" is going to be live from chicago thursday and friday. we have invited mayor rahm emanuel on the show. we will interview illinois' governor on friday. next up, vice president says he is not running for the top job. the administration has a big win at the united nations and the president lets his fingers do the talking again against the
1:48 am
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1:51 am
>> really what have you got here is speculation, conjecture, half truths mass can a raiding as news on the front page of the never trump "new york times." the vice president has been nothing supportive. he is supportive of the president and his singular focus is on making sure the president's agenda is enacted and that the president is reelected in 2020. >> it is absolutely true that the vice president is getting ready for 2000 20 for re-election as vice president. >> no concern is he setting up a shadow campaign? >> zero concern. that is complete fiction. that is complete fabrication. >> bret: well, the push back could not be more intense from this "new york times" article that says republicans shadow campaign
1:52 am
for 2020 attacks shape as trump doubts grow suggesting that vice president pence and others are looking to run against the sitting president if is he there or not in 2020. we're back with the panel. joanna, they couldn't be more forceful. >> yeah. i'm inclined to believe them on this one. i mean, if mike pence is meeting with donors, meeting with supporters, in anticipation for a possible run in 2020 for himself, that would only be possible if donald trump were actually not running again. he could not run against a sitting president. he would not farewell with that. so, maybe is he preparing for 2024. maybe is he preparing to help the ticket in 2020. all of the behaviors would be the same. and i think there is a lot of effort to sort of spin this up as something that it's not. >> bret: the president obviously tweeting about the base and support that he says the mainstream media is not seeing. >> well, i don't think there is a better example of the disconnect between reality and what people in washington, d.c. and new york city are saying that a story like this.
1:53 am
the idea that donald trump is not safe with his base just bog the mind. the same people who sort of misread all of 2016 who said trump wouldn't get the nomination. who said there would be a brokered convention. who said edward mcmullen would win utah or get elected by congress. pushing this idea there is going to be magical thing that reds them of donald trump. that disconnect with the actual people who are actually more or less satisfied with donald trump and certainly not looking for a republican party to waste time coming up with other candidates or satisfying the urges of never trumpers is not -- that's not reality. >> bret: the tweet storm, it doesn't seem like it has stopped that much. you had a specific democratic critic under fire here. the president saying interesting to watch senator richard blumenthal of connecticut talking about hope russian collusion when he was a phony vietnam con artist. never in u.s. history has anyone lied or voters like richard blumenthal he told
1:54 am
stories about vietnam congest and how brave it was. it was all a lie. begged for forgiveness like a child. now he judges collusion. i think senator blumenthal should take a nice long va can vietnam where he lied about his service so he can at least say he was there. here was senator blume that this afternoon. >> i have no idea about what is in his mind, what i do know is that i will not be distracted by this bullying. and these bullying tweets reinforce for me the need for a piece of legislation to prevent firing of the special counsel robert mueller. >> bret: so obviously it got under the president's skin. what about the blume that back story. >> blume that did not serve in theater in vietnam. and he -- at some point in his career he said in the
1:55 am
vietnam era and then at some point he said vietnam. it was not true. did he not make big combat stories about being in battle the way the president describes in his tweets. the senator said this afternoon i don't know what's on his mind. i know what's on his mind richard blumenthal at least for a few hours today. the new chief of staff john kelly had a very ie show of new discipline last week. i think everyone was really happy about that. no matter who you be. but he never thought that he could stop the president from tweeting this kind of thing. he is still going to consume cable news and do this kind of thing. and what the people around the president want is they want him to tweet about policy. not make new announcements. they don't want people to know he is spending this much time thinking about senator blumenthal. >> everyone talks so much about donald trump's feelings, moral failings but don't apply same standards to other people. blumenthal did, in fact, say that he served in vietnam. throughout a senatorial campaign he received five deferments when he was actually doing like toy drives. he knew he wasn't serving in vietnam at the time.
1:56 am
>> bret: president trump also got deferments. >> president trump did not lie about it that's an important distinction. when blumenthal was caught the way the "new york times" put it they didn't even put his name in the headline it's different what the senator said or this candidate said was different than history. the way we treat these things should be even across candidates and help restore trust for people if we treated all politicians the same way. >> bret: sure loot of democratic critics out there he chose to focus on senator blumenthal today. when we come back, big ..en we come back, big
1:57 am
1:58 am
>> several world leaders taking a break from schedule. vladimir putin spending a few days fishing and hunting in siberian wilderness releasing this video saying it was a brisk 63 degrees fahrenheit the water was. justin trudeau took the waters by accident spotted falling off his kayak off the coast of british columbia. >> everyone having a good time? >> bret: president trump surprise ago bride and groom at golf course in be bedminster, new jersey. he has done that a few times. that's it for this "special report," fair, balanced and unafraid. the story with guest host dana perino special guest rob: tuesday, august 8th, tensions rising with north korea, satellites showing the
1:59 am
road regime loading more missiles as ambassador to the un puts pressure on. >> it was a gut punch in north korea, we are going to start fighting back. >> that sanctuary city showdown between chicago and the doj escalating. with the attorney general just said. rob: who wants to be a millionaire? it all starts tonight. "fox and friends" first starts right now. ♪ >> working up with eyes, watching "fox and friends" first, tuesday, thanks for starting your day with us.
2:00 am
rob: north korea is not taking our threat seriously, deploying anti-ship cruise missiles to the coastline as tension continues. >> nikki haley warning that north korea could raise or should raise pressure from all around the world, live from washington the breaking details. >> reporter: more pressure on pyongyang as north korea vows retaliation for sanctions amounting to $1 billion on their export revenues, the heaviest level against the rogue nation and a diplomatic when at the united nations led by ambassador nikki haley who said she had to twist a lot of arms to get there. >> had to twist a lot of times